President’s Inaugural Address

Koji Tanaka, the 103th President of IEEJ in 2016

Kouji Tanaka, the 103th President of IEEJ in 2016

I am very honored to be chosen as the 103th President of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ). I will try my hardest to fully make a good use of this chance and responsibility that have been given to me to develop the traditional legacy of IEEJ.

Thanks to electricity, today, we are able to enjoy a convenient and comfortable life. Electricity is also has been the main contributor in providing solution to various society challenges. With the rapid changes around the world, recently, these society related challenges like the energy problem, environment, natural resource, population, as well as the social matters have becoming more and more complicated. In addition, ideas such as Globalizations, and ICT evolutions, are growing beyond boundaries, and are continuing to create significant changes in both social and economical structure.

Under this social condition, contribution by Electrical technologies field including all the peripheral technologies is expanding further. The evolution of Electrification, Digitalization, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence (A.I) are continuing to expand more and more. By strengthening mutual effort between other fields of engineering, realization of the sustainable society is expected by contribution and aggressive role of the electrical engineering in wider range of area.

IEEJ aims to achieve the goal by “providing an attractive platform to the members” as well as “realizing a prosperous, safe and secure environment for the society and contributing to create a sustainable society.” In order to achieve the goal, IEEJ continues to focus on efforts in global activities and expanding open exchanges by enhancing the partnership with  various related parties.

By showing IEEJ’s strong presence in playing an active, leading role in this diverse and constantly changing society, IEEJ will continue to provide contributions to the society, along with the development of this organization as well as providing a fulfilling and profitable environment for the members.