No. 1003
Investigation of actual conditions result concerning new dielectric substance of
power capacitor and view in the future
Investigation R&D Committee on dielectric substance of power capacitor
The power capacitor has been matched to many kinds of needs for substation and general customer's phase modifying equipment. In the background of the improvement of power capacitor, there is the development of the dielectric substance. Recently, the development of the new power capacitor will be hoped for to new needs like the disaster prevention, responsible concern for the environment, etc.
The current state and the technology trend of a new dielectric substance of the power capacitor were investigated from such a background in this report. The development for power capacitor is steadily done, for example the electrode structure, metallizing method, and improvement of film properties. The new concept power capacitor is developed, for example nitrogen gas insulating capacitor that considers a global warming effect has been developed. This report shows each capacitor type of the view in a technical trend and the future.

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