No. 1004
Traffic Information Provision Policy in Expressways
Investigating R&D Committee on Information Provision Policy in Expressways
Traffic control system of expressways has a major role to secure the safe, smooth and comfortable traffic. Key functions of traffic control system are traffic control and traffic information provision, involving the related traffic information gathering and traffic information processing for implementing them. In particular, the service of traffic information provision for expressway users is essential so that the service is occupied an important place in the whole services for users. Nowadays the methods of traffic information provision are increasingly diversified, so traffic information is available to be provided by not only conventional traffic information signboards installed at the roadside or gantry as a public information media but also well-developed car-navigation system, internet and mobile phone as personal information medium. Under the condition, the investigating R&D committee on information provision policy in expressways is set up for the purpose of totally reviewing the information provision method with respect to “when, where and how to provide traffic information” on the basis of human factors together with considering new demands of expressway users. This technical report summarizes the survey results.
First, this paper describes the present conditions and future tasks of traffic information system for Japan Highway Public Corporation, Metropolitan Expressway Public Corporation, Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation and Nagoya Expressway Public Corporation, and systematizes the information provision system from various angles. Second, this paper explains the policy for future information provision system in expressways depending on the survey results of needs research on information provision and information provision system on the related field.

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