No. 1005
Risk Management of Water Purification and Sewage Treatment Plants
Investigation Committee on Risk Management of Public Facilities
Natural disaster, terrorism, war, environmental pollution with earth scale give civic life and social activity big influence.
In various business activity, it became an important problem to cope for a risk at the time of disaster outbreak and an accident adequately.
Healthy operation of in particular public facility such as water purification and sewage treatment plants is indispensability necessary for civic life.
Influence when a risk affecting operation of public facility for civic life surfaced is extremely big. Therefore, public facility must master technique of risk management.
From such a background, the technical committee of public facility established "Investigation Committee on Risk Management of Public Facilities ".
The committee has conducted following investigation for an activity period for two years from October, 2001 to September, 2003.
The committee has done the investigation that water purification plant and public facility such as a sewage disposal plant wrestled with the risk management and crisis control how.The committee has examined a method corresponding to a method, a risk to measure outbreak probability and influence degree generally of a method, the risk that public facility extracted a risk next.
We wish that this report will be utilized by engineers of much business levels.And we wish that this report will contribute to healthy operation continuation of public facility at the time of an accident and disaster outbreak.

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