No. 1009
Ceaseless Progress of Adjustable Speed AC Motor Drive Technologies
Investigating R&D Committee on novel technology of adjustable speed AC motor drive
The application of adjustable speed AC motor drive system started with iron mill processes and general purpose drive applications, and now spread to drive systems of railway vehicles, elevators and ships.
Recently, the application of adjustable speed AC motor drive technologies is promoted by the advances in related technologies, such as high-voltage IGBT, high-speed processors designed for AC motor drives and high-performance rare-earth permanent magnet. In addition, as voltage source inverters are applied to higher power applications, there are newly emerging technical problems related to EMC. Therefore, investigations and solutions for those problems are often being reported in the fields of adjustable speed AC motor drive.
This technical report introduces these new technologies and their applications, referring IEEJ papers, IEEE transactions, technical reports issued by manufacturers. Despite these new technologies, there still remain many technical problems to be solved. This report aim at promoting investigations on those problems and contributing to further progress of AC motor drive technology, through introducing the state of the art technologies.

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