No. 1012
Survey on Enterprise Information Collaboration Technology
Investigating R&D Committee on “Enterprise Information Collaboration Technology”
In the current rapidly changing business environment, companies need to be efficient and agile to survive and thrive. That is why flexible enterprise information collaboration is urgent and crucial concern for any enterprise. Investigating R&D Committee on “Enterprise Information Collaboration Technology” was established in April 2002, and maintained energetic activities for two years. The focus of this investigation is trend and needs in inter/intra-enterprise collaboration, technology that meets the needs, and overall picture and direction of technology development.

Achievements of the investigation by the committee are:
1. Technologies development trend: A variety of technology, products, and solutions are presented at the committee by the members from industry and universities.
2. Case examples: several best practices are presented by the members from company that has experience in enterprise information collaboration.
3. Types of system integration and appropriate technologies: Types of system integration were discussed, and we organized system integration into four different types, "Delayed Federation", "Real-time Federation", "Delayed Integration", and "Real-time Integration". We also investigated presented technologies and case examples, and clarified appropriate technology and architecture for each type.

The technical report describes the achievement in three chapters, i.e. "Types of system integration", "R&D trend and case examples", and "new technologies and direction".

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