No. 1013
New light sources and Measurement
Investigating R&D Committee on New light sources and Measurement
It has been said that a new light source does not come out after invention of high-pressure sodium lamps. However, development and research of new light sources including solid luminescence of LED, organic electroluminescence are active, and supports progress of rapid information machines and equipment firmly in recent years.
In addition to the technical trend investigation supporting research and development of "a new light source" of new material or new technology, the investigation was advanced taking up 'Measurement' as the peripheral technology and giving priority to a new measurement method and instrumentation technology of "a new light source" .
In addition to "the light source for general lighting", the industrial light source and the optical radiation application light source were also investigated. About the "new light source", it classified into the fluorescent phosphor, the electrode, and the electric discharge according to the element that composed the light source, and the newest trend was indicated.Moreover, the solid luminescence element also took up. The new light source material which utilized the nanotechnology which will have the possibility to a new light source and a new display in the future was also incorporated in the report.
It investigated with emphasis on "measurement", and most fundamental "optical standard" of light source measurement and the new measuring method using " Near-field light " which is unknown in general were also introduced.

Moreover, the measuring method for using X-rays for measurement of plasma, and a suitable measuring instrument and measuring method for the directivity and the spectrum energy distribution of LED were investigated.

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