No. 1015
Present Conditions and Future Directions of Wide Area Integration Technology in Public Utilities
Investigating R&D Committee on Wide Area Integration Technology in Public Utilities
In public utilities plants such as waterworks plants, water treatment plants and waste processing plants, various forms of wide area operations have traditionally been achieved in order to centralize the control and supervision for these facilities distributed over wide regions, as well as manage and maintain them effectively. For these purposes, information communication network appropriate for such purposes have been utilized, while wide area integration technologies to handle various kinds of information distributed in a wide area have been introduced.
In addition, since many of public utilities are getting decrepit recently, the importance of the wide area integration technology is more and more increasing from the viewpoints of effective management, environment, disaster and security issues.

Reacting these conditions, the Technology R&D Committee for Public Utilities constituted the “Investigating R&D Committee on Wide Area Integration Technology in Public Utilities.” From January 2003 to December 2004, the committee have investigated and studied the wide area integration technology targeting for waterworks, water treatment and waste processing.

This committee conducted the investigation of present conditions of introduced wide area integration technologies, and requirements for new technologies and systems by questionnaires to users. Based on this investigation, analysis and studies on issues and future directions of technologies, systems and management were also achieved. This technical report describes the results of these activities.

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