No. 1017
Status and dynamics of magnetically suspended machines
Investigating R&D Committee on the dynamics of magnetically suspended machines
Magnetically suspended machines utilize the magnetic suspension technology to suspend bodies without contact and have low-noise, low-vibration and low-maintenance features. Therefore, a number of magnetically suspended machines are put to practical use and examined for a lot of industrial applications. For instance, magnetically levitated trains started commercial operation in Japan and abroad after research and development activities had been promoted for a quarter century. In industrial applications, the first clinical demonstration of an artificial blood pump utilizing magnetic bearings was conducted and conveyance systems for steel plates and flywheel energy storage systems have also steadily been developed. New applications made their debut such as elevators, automatic doors and vibration isolation systems utilizing zero-power and position sensor-less controls. Furthermore, these machines are not only suspended by magnetic suspension, but also driven by linear motors and rotary motors and utilize the superconducting technology which can generate strong magnetic field. Therefore, it is important to examine not only electrical and magnetic phenomena but also dynamic phenomena on these machines. In addition, more strict specifications of high-speed, lower-vibration, accurate-positioning and sensor-less are required on these machines. From this viewpoint, the investigating R&D Committee on the dynamics of magnetically suspended machines examines the current status of development and dynamics of these machines. This report presents the results of these examinations.

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