No. 1024
Industrial linear motor, its characteristic measurement and evaluation methods
Investigating R&D Committee on measurement and evaluation methods for industrial linear motors
Because of the fact the application field of industrial linear motors has widely expanded, it has been commonly observed that both the system application oriented and device oriented methods co-exist for characteristic measurement and evaluation on industrial motors. For example, in the field of typical machine tooling applications, methods for comparison and evaluation between linear motor drive and ball screw drive commonly employ system oriented evaluation items such as productivity, machining accuracy, acceleration, and durability. Further, in the application field of molten metal transportation and control, compound methods for evaluating both molten metal flow and its thermal characteristics are also utilized in addition to items for linear motor device characteristic evaluation.

On the other hand, there has not been a standardized method established for measurements and evaluations similar to those for rotating devices. This is due to the current situation that every organization employs its own methods incompatible to each other. Viewing the situation that the application of industrial linear drives has been rapidly growing, it became definitely important to have common methods for measuring and evaluating industrial linear motor characteristics.

Over viewing this situation, this report summarizes the result of a research on the recent trend of measurement and evaluation methods as well as issues and technical directions for the benefit of researchers and engineer on a variety of industrial linear motors. The report details the method of characteristic measurements and evaluations on the industrial linear motor devices as well as their application systems.

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