No. 1026
Recent Advances in Motion and Sensor Technologies for Multiple Functional System
Investigation R&D Committee on Instrument and Sensor Application in Motion System with Multiple Functions
Recent advances of computer and sensor technologies make it possible to develop information system based on sensors and to apply motion control system to our life. One of the most remarkable examples is ITS. In such a system, it is required to realize motion control system that has both robust and flexible against environmental variations. This committee investigates the fusion technologies of sensor based technologies of practical information control and motion control technologies. In particular, the following issues are studied:
1. multiple and redundant sensor system and information control technologies
2. environmental recognition and environment model
3. multiple functional control of motion control system by information control technologies
In several investigations with respect to the above issues, some important technologies based on sensor application for multiple functional systems are found and are classified. In this technical report, several topics with respect to functional system are summarized.

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