No. 1028
Clean and high efficiency MHD power generation
Technical committee on clean and high efficiency MHD power generation
The 21st century is called "the beginning of the environmental revolution age", and it is important to promote the research and development of an advanced power generation thechnology which is excellent in saving resource and environmental protection, because the electric power demand is expected to keep increasing for along time in our country.

The MHD power generation, which is able to achieve high efficiency by converting the thermal energy of the fossil fuel into electricity directly, is a clean and highly effective generation technology, and is expected to give a big impact to the society when it is achieved.

At “Technical committee on clean and high efficiency MHD power generation”, the MHD power generation technologies such as closed cycle MHD power generation, open cycle MHD power generation, pulsed MHD applications, MHD space applications, were investigated for three years from June, 1998 to May, 2001. The trend of the MHD power generation technology development was reviewed, and the problem which had to be overcome to put it to practical use was pointed out.

In addition, technologies which were derived during the development of MHD power generation such as the combustion technology, the flue gas conditioning, and the high temperature heat change, etc. were reviewed and applications to the energy and the environment industry and the public welfare field were investigated.

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