No. 1029
Investigation of possibility of multi-dimensional drive system
Investigating R&D Committee on Multi-dimensional drive system
The motor drive system becomes complex and high performance as the industrial machine device develops. Moreover, the drive of multi-degrees-of-freedom is requested. In general, motors of majority are the rotation type motors or linear motors. And, those are actuators of 1-degree-of-freedom. Therefore, the combination of the rotation type motor and the conversion mechanism is used for a multi-dimensional drive. However, a direct drive is effective in a small size, lightening or a high-speed drive and a highly accurate positioning. Then, the multi-dimensional drive system that realizes a multi-dimensional moving by one drive is researched. In this report, "Trend of the multi-dimensional drive system" and "Composition and classification of the multi-dimensional drive system" are firstly described. Next, some examples of the electromagnetism drive system and the piezo-electric drive system are shown in the chapter of "Multi-dimensional drive system seen from the element technology". Moreover, the magnetic circuit, the measurement, and the support mechanism are described. In addition, three development cases are introduced in "Application of the multi-dimensional drive system". "View in the future" is described at the end.

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