No. 1030
Application of Mobile Communications to Public Transport Services
Investigating R&D Committee on Application of Mobile Communications to Public Transport
Development of mobile communications like cellular phones brings benefit to public transport. Transport navigation and seat reservation services for cellular phones have already begun as the examples. It is significant that further improvement of convenience of transport is thoroughly discussed with imaging how future operators of public transport and users should be. Accordingly, this report deals with methods of utilizing mobile communications for fare collection and information guidance of public transport.
The main target of this report is railway system, however it also includes various types of other public transportation systems like buses and automobile community systems, because supporting entire movement of traveling users are intended. The innovative technology by using mobile communications was investigated from both users and operators points of view, and it was completed in this report how applications of mobile communications should be in order to improve convenience and economical benefit of public transport.
In section 2, two viewpoints "barrier free and universal design" and "inter-modal transport" are explained. They should be taken into account when applying mobile communications for realizing ideal transport services. In section 3, technology and its development of mobile communications that are based on the discussion are mentioned. In sections 4 to 6, technology and services of present examples are introduced with classifying them into "ticketing system", "information guidance system" and "demand data collection system". In section 7, it is mentioned that how to bring the present services to the ideal services.

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