No. 1031
The feasibility of direct current distribution network
The investigation special committee of the feasibility of direct current distribution network
Because people all over the world are lean to the concern on the natural energy power generation, the ideal way of the supply of electric power will change by the spread of a decentralized power supply in part in the future. As for the direct current supply of electric power, the compatibility to the dispersed generation are high. The environment that surrounds direct current will be changing greatly such as the development of a direct current breaker, a superconducting cable and SiC devices.
The direct current distribution system doesn't have the problem of the harmonic distortion and the loss on the transmission of the reactive power. In a specific region, it is regarded that the direct current distribution network is introduced to AC network. Thus, the direct current distribution network has the possibility that the efficiency of seeing from the entire system improves.
As above-mentioned, this investigation special committee investigates the application possibility and problem for the direct current distribution network. The purpose of this committee is to contribute to the technological development of power system for the next generation.

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