No. 1032
Latest Trends in Reconfigurable LSIs
Investigating R&D Committee on Reconfigurable LSIs and their Applications
The environment of the current LSI developments faces new challenges where the design cost is rapidly increasing with the growth in complexity and functionality of System-On-Chip, while at the same time, requirements for smaller chip size and low power are becoming even stronger in the commercial market. Reconfigurable technology have attracted much attention for its potentials on reducing design cost and design time, enabling resource sharing and multiplexing through dynamic reconfiguration, and is expected to be one of the core technology in the next generation LSIs.
“Investigating R&D Committee on Reconfigurable LSIs and their Applications” was founded in April 2003, to evaluate the reconfigurable technology from various prospective and to set a vision towards the future development of this technology. This technical report is a compilation of our investigations during the two year period on the reconfigurable system architectures and their applications.
In chapter 2, various activities within the committee are introduced. In chapter 3, a number of reconfigurable architectures developed by industries and research institutions are introduced. In chapter 4, the application of the reconfigurable technology especially on wireless communications and signal processing are introduced.
The amount of activities on reconfigurable technology has being growing in the industries and in academia, while a number of new technologies are currently emerging from these activities. We believe that this technology will eventually evolve into the core technology for the future LSIs.

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