No. 1040
Electromagnetic driving systems emerging in medical industries
Technical committee on industrial promotion of medical electromagnetic drive systems
The report is composed of technical and institutive issues discussed in the technical committee on industrial promotion of medical electromagnetic drive systems, which was held for two years from April 2003.

Chapter 2 introduced hot topics for clinical application of medical devices especially of artificial heart made by Terumo Corp., SunMedical Technology. Research Corp., and two other organizations. Technical trends in artificial heart-lung, pancreas, esophagus, constrictor, heart muscle are also introduced.

Chapter 3 introduced component technologies for pusher-plate type, precession type, linear-motor type, magnetic bearing type, centrifugal type, and axial-flow type of pump and driving systems. Technical issues of energy/information transmission and electromagnetic interference, and of medical materials for circulatory assist systems are discussed. Clinical issues for hospital use of ventricular assist systems are also discussed.

Chapter 4 collected opinions from academia, industries, and government as panel discussion or symposium styles.

During the period of the committee, the electromagnetic rotary blood pumps originated in Japan turned into clinical application. Since almost all the supporting professors and engineers wrote the present report, it became a kind of historical monument.

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