No. 1041
Investigation Report about Application of Information Technologies on Maintenance of Substation Equipments
Investigating R&D committee on a Trend of Maintenance using Information Technologies against Substation Equipments
Against the background of change and low-growth of economic structure in recent years, the growth of electric power demand has become slow. Many power equipments that were extensively installed at the high growth age are expected to be operated with high efficiency and up to limit of life, conquering the problem of secular degradation.
For maintenance of substation equipment, condition based maintenance (CBM) is now being introduced in place of usual maintenance such as time based maintenance (TBM) and fault based maintenance (FBM).
When introducing and carrying out CBM, It is necessary to collect and analyze the periodical information about an equipment condition, and to decide suitable maintenance time. So upgrading and improvement of efficiency of substation equipments maintenance are expected by applying IT.
Under above mentioned situation, the committee have investigated and studied the following subjects for two years starting from June 2003.

1 Trend of IT application on the substation equipment
2 Key technologies of monitoring sensors and data processing
3 Environmental requirements against the monitoring sensor
4 Future technology trends for substation equipment maintenance
The questionnaire surveys are done for the item 4 to domestic electric power companies.

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