No. 1044
Highly Accurate Modeling Technologies on Electromagnetic Analysis for Rotating Machines
Investigation Committee on highly accurate modeling technologies on electromagnetic analysis for rotating machines
The electromagnetic simulation technology is generally used for development and design of rotating machines, because the technology is necessary to establish the high performance, cost reduction and high reliability of the rotating machines. However, accurate modeling technologies for the electromagnetic analyses are not established sufficiently, especially, in the analyses of cogging torque which is about 1% of the rated torque in permanent magnet motors, and in the analyses of magnetic power loss of the rotating machines, which are driven by the inverter system.

In the technical report, we researched the modeling technology to improve the accuracy. In the part of cogging torque analysis, effects of 3-dimensional leakage flux and magnetization characteristics of the iron steels considering the deterioration occurred on the manufacturing process, etc. are shown systematically. In the part of the magnetic power loss analysis, the analysis methods considering the skin effect and the minor loop hysteresis are described and the technologies are applied to practical models. Moreover, the technologies of the various losses analyses, which are required for improvement of the efficiency of rotating machines, are researched. A mesh generation method using CAD data, coupled analysis between electromagnetic and mechanical system or drive circuit system, and an analysis based on Quality Engineering are researched and summarized as new CAE systems.

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