No. 1045
Insulation deterioration characteristics and surge withstand capability of printed wiring boards
Investigating R&D committee on insulating deterioration characteristics and surge withstand capability of printed wiring boards
The insulation reliability and the deterioration mechanism of a printed wiring board (PWB) have been studied by many researchers and manufacturers. However, the most of these procedures have been performed focusing on the evaluation for individual products, each of which is used under different conditions. The following two investigations on PWB are required to attain the further establishment of high reliability with PWB. These investigations will be also helpful to develop the high reliability of the insulation with a wide range of the electronics products.
Firstly, it is important to evaluate the surge withstand capability of PWB for the insurance of the recent electronic equipments, which are composed of the fine pattern PWBs on which a distance between the conductor foils is diminished to a few ten-micrometers. However, there is little information on surge withstand capability for the fine pattern PWB.
Secondly, regarding to electrochemical migration on PWB, there are various testing methods and standards. Test method has to be properly selected according to the purpose of evaluation, because an incorrect selection directly connects to the overestimation or underestimation with the long-term reliability of PWB.
Considering these backgrounds, we have studied the surge endurance characteristics of the fine pattern PWBs in accordance with the actual situation and environment. And also, we classified the existing test methods according to the evaluation purpose for the endurance of electrochemical migration on PWD based on the latest information.

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