No. 1046
Current status and prospects of high-speed circuit/device technologies
– Research on state-of-the-art technologies for high-speed devices and circuits and their related applications –
Investigating R&D Committee on High-speed device and circuit technologies
In the coming ICT society, it is expected that the required data can be downloaded anytime and anywhere they want and huge information can be handled through the high-speed networks. To meet these demands, strong research efforts on high-speed devices and LSI using silicon and compound semiconductors are currently carried out. Moreover, low-loss passive elements, such as inductor capacitor, and broadband high-gain antenna are also the key components and their integration with IC is expected. In this report, current status and prospect of high-speed circuit and device technologies and their related applications are summarized.

In section 2, the state-of-the-art technologies for ultra high-speed silicon and compound semiconductor devices are summarized. In addition to the scaling, various kinds of figure-of-merits of devices using Si, GaAs, InP, GaN are discussed in order to make the most of advantages of their materials and device structures.

In section 3, recent achievements in the R&D field of passive elements, such as antenna and filters are summarized. They are also the key components in UWB applications.

In section 4, recent report on carbon nanotube transistor is summarized. It is expected that the transistor can make a breakthrough to the field of conventional semiconductor transistors.

In section 5, the emerging applications for the high-speed devices and ICs are summarized. The requirements of the applications to the devices are discussed.

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