No. 1049
Roadmap of Next generation Automotive Electric Power Systems
Investigation Committee on Next Generation Automotive Electric Power Systems
Electrical and electronic technologies are becoming indispensable for improvement of automotives, especially for realization of more environmental-friendly, safer and more comfortable vehicles. A lot of electric equipment and electronics are used in vehicles, and they are acceleratingly increasing year-by-year. For example, high power loads like an electric power steering are equipped in many cars. For supplying higher power in a vehicle, 42V systems are under development as a new standard voltage. Electric motor drive such as HEVs and motorized 4WD systems are becoming popular, and idling-stop systems are also gradually increasing. Automotive electric power systems are becoming very important as an infrastructure for these electric equipment and electronics, and higher performances such as higher efficiency, larger capacity, and higher reliability are required.
The committee investigated the future trends for automotive electric power systems and depicted roadmaps for the next decade. A desirable future power system was discussed, and technological challenges and development status were investigated. In the report, investigation results are described including automotive power systems, power distribution network, electric components, power electronics, motors, batteries and ultracapacitors. Dependability and reliability for future X-by-Wire systems are also discussed.

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