No. 1052

Research Committee on Wavelet analysis and peripheral approaches
Investigating R&D Committee on Technology and Application of Wavelet analysis and peripheral approaches
When we want to apply some technology to complex systems or large-scale system, we need to fully understand their dynamic behaviors. From the view point of this aspect, in various industrial plants a lot of data which have been stored in DCSs and computers everyday is not satisfying information in terms of quality. This is the reason why we need to use any data mining approach using Wavelet analysis. In the data mining approaches for a lot of data, we need to have some expected images, which are obtained by using appropriate filtering and modeling, and then we can deeply understand the dynamic behaviors through the information extracted from the data. We believe that some hybrid approach of Wavelet and peripheral approaches makes us to be awakened to the truth in the data. In the committee, we pay our attention to “extraction of meaningful information” from the data and “visualization of the information” and we collected various examples on automatically processing technique which have been required some human decision before. These are special feature on the Wavelet analysis and they can lead us to another world which we have never known. In order to develop the Wavelet and peripheral approaches, we have to divide the information into one we can explain with our existent knowledge and the other we can not explain using our existent knowledge. This makes us to obtain the important information from a lot of data. This is the reason why we have to develop our Wavelet approaches more and more.

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