No. 1055

Next generation servo control technology for mass-storage system
Investigating R&D committee for next generation servo control technology for mass-storage system
Recently the specifications of mass-storage systems such as hard disk drives (HDD) and optical disk drives have been rapidly improved. Especially recording density has been dramatically increased to meet capacity increase of HDD and DVD. One of the key technologies to increase the recording density is the precise head positioning servo to increase track density. As well as precise positioning, the head positioning servo has been required higher performance such as shorter seek time (moving time). Based on these requirements, fast and precise servo control for mass-storage systems have been studied, and the three subjects have been focused; (1) application of sampled-system control theory and two-degrees-of-freedom servo with reference trajectory design to mass-storage systems, (2) optimal servo system design considering detail mechanical modeling such as higher order mechanical resonance modeling and disturbance modeling, and (3) servo control design for other high precision systems such as semi-conductor manufacturing system and servo track writer for HDD. One of outstanding outcomes of this activity is to propose the HDD benchmarking. The HDD benchmarking software has been published in IEEJ web-site and several investigations for various servo designs have been studied.

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