No. 1059
Power System Operation Structure in New Environment
Investigating R&D Committee on Power System Operation Structure in New Environment
Along with the progress of liberalizing electric power industries, it is expected that the power system operation in Japan will become more complex due to the increased number of new network users and the establishment of the neutral organization ESCJ (Electric Power System Council of Japan).

In order to cope with these circumstances, flexible and proper operation structures are keenly required to secure power system reliability. The better use of highly growing information and control technologies will also be expected.

Conventional electric power companies have been responsible for the reliable power system operations. However, as the number of network users interconnecting to power systems increases, both electric power companies and new network users must share the same understanding of the power system operations in the future.

Under these backgrounds, our committee placed the focus on the change of the power system operation and the development of the load dispatching system. This report was published to encourage readers to understand the present situations and issues of power system operations in Japan as well as in other countries. Our aim is also to contribute to the discussion of the future trend of the power system in Japan.

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