No. 1060
Advanced Nanotechnologies for Novel Nanosystems
Investigating R&D Committee on Nanofabrication
Recently, many researchers notice fundamental technologies of nanotechnologies because of many possibilities of nanotechnologies. Especially, nanofabrication is foundation technology for R&D of all devices and systems.  Therefore a development of nanofabrication contributes to realization of novel nanosystems.  In order to apply results from nanofaburication technology in industry, it is necessary to develop micro devices and systems which are able to analyze materials, structures and elements in nanosystems on a micro/nano meters scales.  The micro devices should be developed by combination of nanofabrication and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) to build up comprehensive development technologies for nanosystems.  Therefore this technical report presents the trend of combination technologies of nanofabrication and MEMS technologies for the developments of nanosystems, such as (1) nano-process techniques for nanostructure, (2) micro/nano devices and microsystems for handling and analyzing nanoelements, such as a carbon nano-tube, with microprobes, and (3) technologies on nano-materials, realization of novel nano-material and its (electrical and mechanical) evaluation techniques.

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