No. 1065
Natural Electromagnetic Phenomena and Electromagnetic Theory
Investigating R&D Committee on Natural Electromagnetic Phenomena and Electromagnetic Theory
It is known that the near-Earth environment is occupied by electromagnetic noises over a wide frequency range from DC to VHF. The important electromagnetic phenomena very close to us are summarized as follows: (1) electromagnetic phenomena associated with lighting discharges in the atmosphere, (2) electromagnetic phenomena taking place in the ionospheric/magnetospheric plasma and (3) electromagnetic phenomena originated in the lithosphere. For example, we have observed a new phenomenon of mesospheric optical emissions associated with lightning discharges, which has led us to the interesting subject of the atmosphere-ionosphere electrodynamic coupling. Furthermore, there have been accumulated a lot of convincing evidence on the seismo-electromagnetic phenomena which would be very promising for the short-term earthquake prediction. However, those mechanisms and the lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling are still very poorly understood.

This technical report collects papers with different nature, including the review and the latest results on different natural electromagnetic phenomena, i.e. lithospheric, atmospheric and ionospheric effects, some examples on the use of computational electromagentics in making clear the unsolved problem, and some important numerical methods (FEM, FDTD etc.) as applied to the engineering problem including the optical wave propagation.

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