No. 1068
Trend of Consignment to Private Companies and System in Public Facilities Operation

Investigation Committee on Diversification of Operation Style and System in Public Facilities

The operation style of public facilities is diversified, and the system that has various additional values of the constructed system is requested so far.

As for system construction, results especially show the tendency to increase for the problem where it is indispensable, and holds the current state to operate facilities efficiently and safely. The consignment management, PFI (Private Finance Initiative), and the leasing contract method, etc. need the examination of system construction for these diversified operation for the aspect.

From such a background, the techinical committee of public facility established "Investigation Committee on Diversification of Operation Style and System in Public Facilities". The survey of existing circumstance and hearing of the operation of public facilities were done from April, 2004 to March, 2006 for two years, a technical problem was extracted, and the plan of the system to those problems etc. were examined.

We wish that this report serves as a reference as a means to examine it for the activity and the response of the engineer, the entrepreneur, and the municipality that treats public facilities for the diversification of the operation that will become full-scale in the future.

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