No. 1071
Evaluation of discharge property and degradation phenomena of material surface of polymeric insulators

Investigation Committee on evaluation of discharge property and degradation phenomena of material surface of polymeric insulators

For electric power transmission and distribution system, application of polymeric insulators with silicone rubber housing has expanded worldwide. However, in using polymeric insulators, various environmental and electrical stresses will have effects on the material characteristics, because polymeric insulators are composed of organic matter in contrast to porcelain insulators are made of inorganic material.

This investigation committee ascertains the effects of surface discharge phenomena on the polymer material with silicone rubber. The relation between the material deterioration and the discharge is investigated and measurement and evaluation technology for the investigation is proposed. The examinations include the correlation between water repellency of the polymer material and discharge form properties, the relation between the material deterioration quantity and the discharge amount, and discharge measurement technology. In addition, some laboratory tests are conducted with the shared common samples. In collaboration with CIGRE SC D1 domestic committee, the fundamental properties that are required for the polymer insulating materials are also investigated.

This report describes 1) the international trend of research and standardization regarding the material properties for polymeric insulators, 2) the laboratory test results with the shared common samples, 3) the attention points for quality evaluation of polymeric insulators and its utilization trend. These indicate the characteristics and the weak sides of polymeric insulating materials. In addition, the factors that have effects on deterioration, the latest research results regarding its measurement and evaluation, and the remaining technical problems are reported for future researches.

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