No. 1072
The State-of-The Art Soft Switching Power Conversion Circuits and Their Applied Systems Technologies
Investigating R&D committee on the state-of-the art soft switching power conversion circuits and their applied systems technologies
In recent years, the innovative R&D technology on quasi-resonant soft-switching circuit technologies including load resonant, transformer parasitic inductor-lossless capacitor resonant and multi-resonant circuit topologies have attracted special interest. These soft-switching snubber technologies are based upon Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS), Zero Current Switching (ZCS) in addition to Zero Voltage and Zero Current hybrid Switching (ZVZCS). On the other hand, a variety of high-frequency pulse modulation soft switching commutated semiconductor power conversion circuit topologies and their specific control schemes are schematically discussed and evaluated from a practical point of view including their operating principles and operating performances. Furthermore, the latest application developments on power generation and storage as well as multi-diverse power utilizations making use of high-frequency pulse modulated soft switching power converters which have some advantageous points such as high performances, high power density, high efficiency and lowered electromagnetic noises. This technical report deals with peripheral element technologies related to high frequency pulse modulation soft switching power converter circuits and systems, which are basically concerned with new structure and new materials power semiconductor devices and modules, circuit topologies, sensor interfaced control implementations as well as promising application specific equipments and appliances. The future trends on promising high efficiency, low noise power conversion circuits and systems technologies are described and summarized under new structure and new material power semiconductor switching devices, passive power circuit components and energy conversion devices.

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