No. 1075
Application guide to gas insulated switchgear (GIS)
- Background of standardization and revision of JEC-2350 -
Investigating R&D Committee on harmonization of the revised GIS standard
with other related standards
After JEC-2350-1994 (gas insulated switchgear) was standardized in 1994, technical report No.522 “Application guide to GIS” was published. In this application guide, technical background, concrete interruption and concrete test procedure that was not mentioned in JEC-2350 was stated. This technical report has been used by users and manufacturers for proper interruption of the standard spirits.

This new technical report is overall revised version of old technical report, added on a number of investigation and discussion that were carried out at revision of JEC-2350-2005. This new technical report mentions in detail about the investigation and discussion results of revised contents that are not stated in the standard. Main revised contents are revision of scope, revision of permissible leakage rate and purity of SF6, revision of enclosure strength at pressure increased by internal arc, addition of immunity test, revision of test voltage of motor, and addition of consideration to DC residual voltage etc. Furthermore, this report includes that the latest technical trend, comparison with related standards, particularly with IEC 62271-203.

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