No. 1077
Technological trend of GPS and location information system
Investigation committee on communication and location information system
The location information using the global positioning system came to be used to people's lives widely, and is becoming the infrastructure of the society that brings security and the improvement of the qualify of life including the car navigation. It is remarkable that new service industry that integrates the communication and the location information in this has arisen. Especially, the coverage of the location information service is being expanded because of the spread of mobile telecommunications and wireless LAN. For instance, the personal location information service by the spread of Internet ITS and cellular phone/portable terminal can be expected as a big flow. However, a lot of problem to be solved have been left, for example, accuracy, reliability, security, the service contents, attractive information and the location information system. To be approved as an industrial field where advanced location information is big in the future, should solve these problems. In such a situation, the university, government and municipal offices, research laboratories, and the enterprise cooperated and it analyze the positioning system, the service contents, and the location information system, etc., and showed the guideline of the system development and the application system development. The current state, the trend, the problem, and the solution were systematically investigated, arranged and examined about progressing the application system by uniting a communication and advanced location information. As for these investigation results, this report describes a current state of the communication and the advanced location information technology and will be summaries as the view in the future.

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