No. 1083
High Current Operation Technology in Energy Systems
Investigation Committee on High Current Operation Technology in Energy Systems
Almost all human activities require stable, safe, and highly efficient energy supply systems, and demand for high-performance energy systems continues to grow. Of such energy systems, those employing electrical means will exhibit particular growth in future. Because electric systems can be adapted to suit the complexity of customer specifications, can be easily controlled , and have minimum impact on the environment, such systems are expected to dominate demand even more in future. However, a number of problems with electric energy system remain to be addressed.

We therefore conducted a general study of high current applied technologies and the relationship between high current phenomena and electric energy systems. This research included investigating the current status of high energy electric systems, new technologies in high current power sources, applied nuclear plasma and accelerator technologies, new trends in basic arc plasma technology, and high current measurement technology and standardization. We hope this research report can contribute to the promotion of technical exchanges in different energy system fields, and offer guidelines for future development in the field of high current technologies.

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