No. 1086
Security Management in Faculties of Water and Sewage Works
Investigating Committee on Security Management Technology for Public Facilities
As lifeline systems, waterworks and sewage works are expected to be secure and stable, making efforts on cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Security management has the highest priority in today’s changing socioeconomic trends.

Public Facilities Technology Committee in The Institute of Electrical Engineers in Japan established “Investigating Committee on Security Management Technology for Waterworks and Sewage Works” in January, 2005 , and the committee has been active for 2 years until December, 2006.

First, the committee reviewed public sectors’ current situation and trends in security managements, international standards in Japan and overseas, and then conducted questionnaires to the waterworks and sewage works bureaus to evaluate the understandings of security management technologies and their present status in technology introduction. Several bureaus introducing relatively advanced security management systems were interviewed about their present challenge and future perspective.

Finally the committee summarized the items to be considered and the recommendations in developing security management systems.

We hope this report is useful for the engineers in waterworks and sewage works to consider and introduce the security management systems.

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