No. 1087
Soft Computing and Industrial Systems Design
Investigating R&D Committee on Soft Computing and Industrial Systems Design
Industrial systems are getting more and more large scale and complex. Their modeling is very difficult, and in addition, remodeling is often inevitable as system analysis progresses and then request on design heightens. A practical system design methodology on assumption of situation change is desired. Adaptation, learning and evolution based on so-called soft computing techniques well answer such demands, and they are increasingly applied to industrial systems design. Researches on soft computing techniques such as particle swarm optimization˙ chaos, genetic algorithms, immune system, and so on are therefore very active.

This report summarizes the outcomes of up-to-date research by the committee members on soft computing of a wide variety from basic studies including philosophical suggestions to application to various practical industrial systems.

Topics on modeling and analysis of large scale systems, novel optimization algorithms base on soft computing are given in the former chapters. In the latter chapters their applications to a large variety of industrial fields such as electric power, railway transportation, petrochemical processÿ energy saving, nuclear energy industry are introduced. Readers can overview the up-to-date soft computing techniques and their application to industry.

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