No. 1091
Advanced Information Provision Service in Expressways
Investigating R&D Committee on Advancement of Information Provision in Expressways

The diffusion of personal information media appliances such as car navigation system and mobile phone, and ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) is remarkable.

In addition, the former Japan Public Highway Corporation was privatized in October 2005, and shifted to new organization.  This privatized new organization is expected to take over past measures and develop related business actively for the realization of a variety of services according to road users' needs, along with the increase of business efficiency and service level caused by the achievement of business management based on its own business judgment. Therefore it is very important to grasp the social needs relating to aging, internationalization, medical services, social welfare, environment and so on and the road users' needs accurately.

This report addresses the result of the study that collected the needs for new road traffic information services from road users, including road administrators and examined some practicable services from those needs.  First of all, the questionnaire about the effectiveness of 29 suggested services, which were selected from prospective service contents cited by committee members while considering opinions of ordinary road users, is implemented.  Specifically, questionnaire system used with web was developed first, and about 2,200 people questionnaire data was received from the questionnaire delivered road users who were mainly related to companies using expressways and committee members.  This report makes the specific system proposal about 10 practicable services after the final analysis of the suggested services with the questionnaire data.

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