No. 1092
Technical Report on System Model Analysis in Energy Research

Investigation committee on
complex energy supply and demand system technology

In order to realize the drastic reduction of greenhouse gases in middle of 21st century, it is more and more important to perform a R&D of energy conservation technologies and to change the related-social systems. Also, system’s researches in energy field consist of many types of researches, e.g. energy conservation in facility-level, stability of electric power systems and so on. As those researches have respective modeling philosophy of objective systems, it is important to evaluate new technologies for energy conservation from overall energy system points of view.

This technical report focuses on system modeling in energy research field. In particular, topics in this report are selected so that energy system research beginners can be understood the overlook of energy system. Based on the scale of objective systems, this report is divided into five chapters, energy consumption mechanism at facility level, distributed energy systems (e.g. distributed generators), electric power systems, energy-economic model at world level and energy security and Kyoto-protocol.

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