No. 1100
Analysis and Operation Technologies for Power System Utilization
Investigating R&D Committee on Analysis and Operation Technologies for Power System Utilization
Keyword : power system planning and operation, reliability standard, analysis technique, deregulation of power industry
Power system has been expanding and its components have also been becoming sophisticated and diversified due to the unavoidable demand increase. In addition, the power system operation is apt to become more complicated due to the acceleration of competitive environment of power industry, while suffering from the global warming problem. The competitive environment permits new power sources, which are built by independent power producers (IPP) and power producer and suppliers (PPS), to be connected to the power system. Coincidentally, newly appeared distributed generators are positively installed to encourage the diffusion of renewable energy as a countermeasure against the global warming.
Power system planning and operation should be carefully performed by considering the power system dynamic characteristics using various analysis techniques. The electric power companies have had the responsibility to conduct these works based on the specific planning and operation methods ensuring high power supply reliability. However, in consideration of various entities which use the power system simultaneously in the competitive environment, consistent common recognition of the above mentioned issues is becoming absolutely imperative.
This technical report mainly describes the planning, operation and analysis technologies supporting efficient utilization of the power system in Japan. In addition, technical documents published over the world are surveyed for other new technologies and the survey results are also summarized systematically in this report.

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