No. 1104
Life Extension Technologies for Large DC Machines
DC Machine Life Extension Technology Committee of IEE of JAPAN
Keyword : DC Machine, Insulation Diagnosis, Life Extension
Among the Large DC Machines in service today in JAPAN, a significant proportion were manufactured in the 1960s and 1970s. Due to the insulation deterioration, machines of this generation will need to be refreshed sooner or later. However, the investments for refreshing those motors have not been realized, due to the low economical growth era. Therefore the life extension technologies for those DC motors, are strongly expected and required to be established. According to the background, "DC machine Life Extension Committee of IEE of JAPAN" has been investigated and studied experimentally, for more than three years, about the life extension technologies for those large DC motors. As a result of the studies, the committee has completed the report of more than 60 pages.

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