No. 1106
Power electronics Technology in Vehicle
Vehicle power electronics investigation technical committee
Keyword : power electronics, vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)
The hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) have already been marketed. The vehicle technology committee in the IEEJ started in 2001 . The power electronics in the IEEJ is a technology with the tradition. However, the power electronics in the vehicle is not often understood easily when seeing from the traditional fields.
In this report, the investigation result of the power electronics technology in the vehicles including the hybrid electric vehicles is shown. The application example, the effect, and the specification were investigated to clarify the difference with another fields such as industries and railways.
The power electronics technology use with the vehicles increases more and more to solve energy and environmental problems. It is necessary to examine the power electronics technology from a wider viewpoint as the traffic system to solve these problems.
The continuous investigation is scheduled at the next committee. It would be greatly appreciated if these become help of the power electronics advancement.

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