No. 1112
Study trends, demonstrations and trials of sensor networks
Investigating R&D committee on sensor networks of IEEJ
Keyword : sensor networks,small low-power sensor network modules,phase diffusion time division,RF wake-up,key distribution,BACSS-LKH++,UWB positioning,electric power systems,railway systems,free mobility support system,environmental measurement,Ubila,Bluetooth,UWB,ZigBee,IETF
This report summarizes research activities of the investigating R&D committee on sensor networks of IEEJ. The committee consists of 16 members from electric power and telecommunication companies, railway and electrical research institutes, manufacturers and a university, and extensive research activities are recognized from October 2005 for 2 years. Chapter 2 of this report deals with study trends of sensor networks: waiting current reduction technology, timing control of packet transmission, low power consumption, security and privacy, key distribution, position and location estimation, fault sensing, time synchronization. In chapter 3, demonstration and trial of sensor network are described: trials of electric power companies and railway companies, pedestrian assistance ITS, demonstrations of Aichi EXPO and Kurashiki shi, Ubila project of government initiatives. In chapter 4, development of sensor nodes are introduced by three member companies. In chapter 5, standardization trend in sensor networks is summarized: Bluetooth, UWB, ZigBee, IETF, and radio frequency allocation of Japan is described.

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