No. 1113
Organic dielectric and electrical insulating materials for Information and Communications Technology
Investigation Committee on Dielectric and Electrical Insulating Materials for Communications Technology
Keyword : Information and communications technology, dielectric and electrical insulating materials, reliability, high frequency
The recent progress of information and communication industry has been leading research and development activities of almost all area in science and technology. In addition to primary information and communications technologies (ICTs), such as communication protocols, signal processing, and device architecture, it is essential to activate the research and development on technologies which support the ICT to ensure the reliability of information and communications systems, and to improve the quality of communications. The supporting technologies include low-loss and robust insulating materials at high frequency, absorbers to accomplish the electromagnetic compatibility, and so on. The research on dielectric materials for ICT has been presented at separate societies, and discussions have been done by people in the individual society. The investigation committee on "Dielectric and Electrical Insulating Materials for Communications Technology" has been established to discuss dielectric and electrical insulating materials used for communications industry; from satellites to mobile handsets, especially dielectric materials. The committee has given opportunities to exchange knowledge and information between different research groups through the meetings, and this report will contribute to expand the research field of researchers in dielectrics and electrical insulation research field.

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