No. 1114
Modeling and simulation techniques of power electronic systems
Cooperation study group of modeling and simulation techniques of power electronic systems
Keyword : Modeling and Simulation, Power Electronic System, Mixed System, Multi-Domain System, Circuit Simulators
Simulation techniques of power electronic (PE) systems have been widely utilized as analysis and design tools. They often have difficulties which come from nonlinear, discontinuous, and mixed characteristics which are typical in PE systems. Various modeling and simulation techniques have been developed and used and they are investigated theoretically and systematically in this study group. This technical report covers the elaborated results which include those of the previous study groups. The report is structured as follows. In Chapter 2, basic simulation principles are briefly described. In Chapter 3, modeling techniques (mixed system modeling techniques in triple meanings in 3.1, a matrix converter example in 3.2, and device modeling techniques for IGBTs and MOSFETs in 3.3) are presented. In Chapter 4, present statuses and future trends of simulators are presented. Brief computation principles of popular simulators and their benchmark test results are presented in 4.1. Recent trends of free simulators are presented in 4.2. Then in Chapter 5, six practical examples including motor drive and automobile applications are presented. Then simulator-based analysis/design methods and PE education utilizing simulation tools are presented in Chapters 6 and 7 respectively. Chapter 8 concludes the report.

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