No. 1126
Lightning Damages in Wind Power Plants and Mitigation Methods against Them
R&D Committee on Lightning Damages in Wind Power Plants
Keyword : Wind power plant, Lightning, Lightning protection, Lightning damage, Blade
The rapid increase of wind power plants and enlargement of capacity make the lightning problem of the wind power plants serious. This report summarizes the result of the comprehensive surveillance study carried out by "Technical Committee on Lightning Outages of Wind Power Plants". The contents started in arrangement of the regulation relevant to lightning protection, and adjusted the result about the actual condition of lightning outages and the lightning phenomena, and the result of the electric discharge experiment in connection with the measure against lightning to a windmill blade.@Moreover, the simulation result of the number of times of lightning strokes to the windmill is also examined. Furthermore, the state of the present condition of the protective measures in the blades of windmill, mechanical parts, connecting power lines, and communication and control lines was also considered based on above investigations and researches. Although this technical report serves as suitable data for surveying this problem in the present condition, it is the first report of lightning protection for the wind power plants and the further investigation and research are needed for establishment of the protective technique against lightning effects.

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