No. 1128
The latest Technology of Adaptive Motion Control to Environment
Cooperative R&D Committee on Motion Control for Adaptation to Environment
Keyword : Motion Control, Adaptation to Environment
Recently, it is unable to meet various demands of consumers by mass-producing small variety things. Factories are also moved to foreign countries to look for the inexpensive work force. Moreover, it is necessary to cope with shortage of work force due to reduction of birthrate and realize a society that can support old people in an aging society.
On the other hand, motion control, which is a key technology for design of mechatronics system, has been contributed to high speed and high accuracy industrial goods and machine tools. In order to solve the above problems, however, machines that realize various tasks for various objects are necessary. Moreover, it is necessary to perform tasks in human environment. Therefore, it is necessary to realize flexible motion control that is possible to perform tasks by changing motion depending on uncertainty and variation of environment.
As essential technology to realize the above objective, this report describes details in each items shown below:
1. Motion control technology which adapts to variation of environment and unknown objects
2. Various applications of adaptive motion control to environment
3. Realization of adaptive motion to environment by sensor fusion
4. Motion control technique for human assist
5. Motion control technique for real-world haptics
6. Acquisition and recognition of human motion

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