No. 1129
Advanced computational techniques for practical electromagnetic field analysis
Research committee on advanced computational techniques for practical electromagnetic field analysis
Keyword : Electromagnetic field analysis, large-scale and high-speed computations, modeling of magnetic properties, benchmark model
Recently, the technology on electromagnetic field computation has been developed drastically for the design of electric machines. However, the configurations of the design objects become more complex, which results in a strong demand to perform the extremely large-scale analysis with sufficient accuracy at high speed.
With this background, the purpose of this report is to clarify the issues of various computational methods of electromagnetic field which are encountered in practical applications and to develop more sophisticated numerical techniques from the standpoint of computational accuracy, CPU time and memory requirements. The subjects of this report are as follows: (1) the high-speed and large-scale numerical techniques such as the multigrid method, the fast multipole method and parallel computation, (2) the practical applications of modeling methods for magnetic hysteresis, two-dimensional magnetic properties, or laminated iron core, (3) the proposal of benchmark models useful for practical design of electric machines, and the investigation of the advantages and disadvantages of various numerical methods by using the proposed benchmark models, (4) the survey of issues remained in two-dimensional electromagnetic analysis, and the various kinds of mathematical formulas useful for the electromagnetic field analysis.

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