No. 1133
The Present State and View about Harmonic Magnetic Applications
Investigating R&D Committee on Harmonic Magnetic Applications
Keyword : magnetic applications, harmonic, magnetic field distribution, magnetic wood, recycling
The magnetic applied technology has been broadly developed in the field of the energy conversion system using a large-sized transformer or a motor, the micro magnetic device which built the magnetic material into LSI as a sensor or an actuator, the magnetic shield, the wave absorber, and the medical measurement instruments. Moreover, use deployment of the magnetic applications to various new fields has started now. For example, the safe travel system of a high-speed traffic system, The electromagnetic environment problem in a building and urban space, wood industry etc. On the other hand, the magnetic application has come to be expected harmony with not only magnetic functionality but living environment and safety, etc. by change of a social situation. Furthermore, deployment of the harmonious magnetic application is expected also to care of earth environment, such as establishment of the recycling technology of magnetic waste.
In response to such a background, we investigated about the magnetic application which has the magnetic function which harmonized with a human life and surrounding electric / magnetic devices. This technical report summarizes those investigated results.

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