No. 1137
New Control Technology for Nano-scale Servo
Technical Committee on New Control Technology for Nano-scale Servo
Keyword : Nano-scale servo system, Mass storage system, Step and scan stage, High speed high precision position control, AFM
Nano-scale servo control is a significant technology in nano-technology, and this technical report addresses issues in nano-scale servo system. The report consists of the following three sections considering control design and its wide application.
(1) Investigation of nano-scale servo technology for mass storage system
A variety of control theories are suggested and compared based on the benchmark problem proposed by the previous committee. Control technologies for high speed and high precision positioning in mass storage system such as hard disk drive and optical disk drive in consumer electronics are investigated.
(2) Control technology applied to various nano-scale servo system
High speed and high precision control as a key technology in Step and Scan Stage, and other manufacturing system, nano-manipulation in atomic force microscope and piezoelectric acutuator are investigated.
(3) Novel control theories for nano-scale servo control
In addition to multirate control and robust control, other potential control technologies are reported: trajectory generation, vibration suppression control, auto-tuning of parameters in high precision control, novel speed/acceleration estimation and mode switching controller.

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