No. 1144
Study on equipment troubles of hydroelectric power plants
Investigation R&D committee on equipment troubles of hydroelectric power plants
Keyword : Hydroelectric power plantCEquipment improvementCFaults/troublesCMaintenance technologies
This report describes the statistics, analysis and evaluation of equipment troubles actually happened in the hydroelectric power plants in Japan. It also describes recent measures to prevent such troubles.
The hydroelectric power plant is composed of various type of equipment such as generator, hydro turbine, control system, oil pressure supply system, pumps, compressors and other accessories. Actual records of troubles of such equipment were collected from all major electric power companies in Japan from 1995 fiscal year to 2004 fiscal year. Detailed data collection and analysis was performed for the equipments which have relatively high probability of troubles from 2003 fiscal year to 2004 fiscal year. Probability of troubles has decreased to less than once in five years for most equipment. But the probability seems to be increasing from 2000 fiscal year. Improvement of trouble-data management system and the change of maintenance policy in the electric power companies would be the cause of this change.
Referring to the results of the analysis, the report summarizes recent trends to prevent equipment troubles from the viewpoints of design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance. The report also summarizes the life-time of the equipments from designing point of view and recent technologies to extend the life-time.

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