No. 1157
Laser micro/nano scale processing for fundamental research and industrial applications
Investigating R&D committee on laser micro-nano scale processing for fundamental research and industrial applications
Keyword : Laser material processing, Micro-/Nano-manufacturing, Nano-materials and processing, Bio-/Medical- applications, Industrial applications
This report concentrates on various aspects of laser material processing in particular with regard to Micro-/Nano-manufacturing, Nano-materials and processing, Micro-handling and Nano- manipulation, Surface treatment, Bio-/Medical- application, Laser technology, Precision forming and machining, Precision machinery. Materials processing with lasers is an expanding field that is fascinating for scientists, engineers, and manufacturers.
The aim of this book is to show the technical fundamentals and possibilities of laser material processing. The R&D committee has been investigating the current state and future trend of the laser material processing for three years from December 2005 to November 2008. The book is mainly divided into four parts which consist of "Introduction", "Basic and Fundamental research", "Bio-/Medical- applications", and "Industrial applications".

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